• 2017.05.24
    Sun-Taik Kwon, the mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City
  • 2017.07.10
    Sung-Chul Shin, the president of KAIST
  • 2017.05.18
    Vice president delegates from CUPT (Council of University President of Thailand) Lab tour
    – Urban Robotics Lab
  • 2017.05.24
    Chulalongkorn University Lab tour
    – Urban Robotics Lab
  • 2017.07.03
    KAIST Global Institute For Talented Education Lab tour
    – Introduced Kamero, Gomy, Haeinsa, Cleaning robot, Racoon bot, Bear bot
    – HRI Research Center
  • 2017.07.06
    Demonstrated AI-enabled autonomous car in Inje Speedium Racetrack
    – Film Crews from Daily Planet, Discovery Channel
    – Prof. Shim HyunChul’s Lab tour
  • 2017.07.18
    Sookmyung Women’s University Camp Lab tour
    – Introduced Kamero, Gomy, Haeinsa, Cleaning robot, Racoon bot, Bear bot
    – HRI Research Center
  • 2017.07.25
    Invitation seminar
    – Prof. Eric Matson, Purdue University
    – Urban Robotics Lab
  • 2017.08.02
    MTN Studio Recording of HUBO Robot
  • 2017.08.31
    Board members of Stokke Lab tour
    – Urban Robotics Lab
  • 2017.07.13
    Delegation of SeongCheon Group of China
    – To discuss potential cooperation issues and joint projects for promoting the new business of Bio Fiber Graphene in SeongCheon Group of China


  • 2017.02.16
    Prof. Jung Kyoon Choi
    – received the Academic Award for Excellent Faculty
    – from KAIST
  • 2017.03.01
    Prof. Daesoo Kim
    – received the Samil Prize of Science 2017
    – from the Samil Foundation
  • 2017.03.21
    Prof. Jung Kyoon Choi
    – received the Asan Award in Medicine
    – from Asan Foundation
  • 2017.04.05
    Prof. Won Do Heo
    – won the Scientist of the Month Award (Science Technology and Researcher)
    – from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • 2017.05.15
    Prof. Seung Hee Lee
    – received the Outstanding Junior Faculty Travel Award
    – from International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society Genes, Brain, and Behavior Meeting
  • 2017.07.07
    Prof. Sang Yup Lee
    – received the Korea S&T Award Winner
    – from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and KOFST(Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies)
  • 2017.08.30
    Prof. Seung Hee Lee
    – received the Young Scientist Award
    – from the Korean Society for Brain and Neural Science, SITECHKorea
  • 2017.06.12
    Song Eunjoo
    – received the Best Paper Award as
    “Repetitive visualization xenograft tumor model for preclinical drug screening”
    – from Optical Society of Korea Summer Meeting ‘2017
  • 2017.08.24
    Ahn Soyeon
    – received the Excellence Poster Award as
    “Intravital visualization of dynamic cellular behaviors of transplanted bone marrow cells”
    – from Korea Vascular Science and Medicine Organization Meeting ‘2017
  • 2017.02.16
    Prof. Jay H. Lee
    – received International Collaboration Award
    – from KAIST
  • 2017.04.26
    Prof. Jay H. Lee
    – was awarded “Best Paper Award
    – from the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineering


  • 2017.08.28
    [Seminar] Special Invited Seminar
    – Research Activities in Millimeter Wave and THz in the SKLMMW
    – Speaker: Prof. Wei Hong (Nanjing University)
  • 2017.03.14
    [Broadcast] MPSS(Ministry of Public Safety and Security) Safety Talktalk @ Facebook live TV broadcasting
  • 2017.03.14
    [Broadcast] Green Algae removal robot appears in Robot News
    – Urban Robotics Lab
  • 2017.05.05
    [Broadcast] Kamero Robot for Human-Robot Interaction on Daejeon KBS
    – HRI Research Center
  • 2017.08.22~2017.08.30
    [Broadcast] Lab’s SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)
    Technology (one of 10 KAIST’s representative technologies for industry technology transfer for
    the era of 4th Industry Revolution) aired on KBS1 Daejeon News and YTN

    – Urban Robotics Lab
  • 2017.02.16
    [MOU] Signed MOU between HankookTire and KAIST for Industrial Collaboration
    – Plan to establish a collaborative research center and Development of advanced tires for the future society
  • 2017.03.22
    [Ceremony] Presentation of the 7th KINC Fusion Research Awards
    – Award of Excellence is given to the best convergence presented in 2016 to motivate and create integrative research environment
  • 2017.06.05
    [MOU] Signed MOU between Southern Methodist University and
    KAIST Institute for collaborative research

    – Development Cooperative research projects with co-op research center of KAIST, NNFC, Drexel, and SMU