CO2 2017.09.11

Ammar Al-Nawhi, the manager of Saudi Aramco R&D Center
For Project Review, APU Prototype Demonstration, Joint Steering Committee Meeting

KIHST 2017.09.22

H.E. Dr. UTTAMA SAVANAYANA, Minister at The Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand
Benchmarked excellent research facilities
KIHST 2017.09.25

Wonjae Lee, the administrator of National Agency for Administrative City Construction
Checked the latest technology of health care
KIHST 2017.09.27

Sanghoon Lee, President of ETRI, Research Complex Director Council
Checked the latest technology of health care
CO2 2017.10.13

Daasberg Kim, a professor of Denmark Aahus University
Discussed research cooperation issues
KIITC 2017.10.16

Alberto Leon-Garcia, a Professor of University of Toronto
Discussed research progress and cooperation issues

KIITC 2017.10.24

Pedro Antonio Eduardo Gutiérrez, Director of Gabinet, Delegates from Dominican Republic Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Checked outstanding research achievements of KIITC
KIITC 2017.11.01

Hannu Seristö, Vice president of Aalto University in Finland
Discussed research progress and cooperation issues
KIHST 2017.11.07

Michael Schwarzinger, Ambassador of Embassy of Austria
Checked the latest technology of health care
KI 2018.1.12

Taizo Son, CEO of Mistletoe
Visited Dr. M & Smart Home Testbed and saw commodifiable products and technologies
KIITC 2018.02.13

Eui Yong Jung, Section Chief, Delegates from Presidential Council on Intellectual Property
For a better understanding of technology used in IP creation


KIITC 2017.09.27

Prof. Ju Yong Le
Awarded the Best 100 National Research Projects
for leading research project named “Development of small basestation supporting multiple streams based on LTE-A systems”
KINC 2017.11.27

Prof. Hee Tae Jung
‘An Ultrasensitive, Visco-Poroelastic Artificial Mechanotransducer Skin inspired by Piezo2 Protein in Mammalian Merkel Cells was selected as 10 NanoTechnology in 2017
by MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT) and KoNTRS (Korea NanoTechnology Research Society

KI 2017.11.29

Prof. Byung-Kwan Cho(KIB), Prof. Dong Ho Cho (KIITC), Prof. Naehyuck Chang (KIR), Prof. Sung-Wool Choi (KINC), Prof. Pilhan Kim (KIHST), Prof. Jong Chul Ye (KIAI)
Received the Excellent Fusion Research Award of KI
for outstanding professors who created excellent fusion research achievements and contributed to the development of KI
KIB 2018.01.15

Prof. Sang Yup Lee
Received the S-Oil, Grand Prize Advisor Award
from the S-Oil Excellent PhD Competition, Korea

KIITC 2018.02.01

Prof. Hojong Chang
Awarded the Excellent Presentation Award in 2018 ISIITA
from ISIITA (The International Symposium on Innovation in Information Technology Application)

CO2 2018.02.12

Prof. WooChul Jung
Awarded the Songam Distinguished Research Award
for outstanding professors who worked at KAIST for less than 5 years


KIAI 2017.10.11

KIAI The First Workshop
Introduction of national strategic AI projects and 2031 KAIST flagship project, Presentation of participating professors’ research field, Tutorial about Quantum Machine learning
KIHST 2017.11.21

The 2nd Dr.M Mobile Healthcare Symposium
Presentation of current status of mobile healthcare technology and convergence research

KI 2017.11.29

Evaluation of KI 2017
Evaluation of performance and research achievements of 5 KI-affiliated institutes with the attendance of KAIST President, Provost & Executive Vice President and others
KIHST 2017.12.01 ~ 2017.12.02

International Symposium on Therapeutic Bioengineering
Discussions on the topic of immunoengineering and cell membrane engineering related to therapeutic bioengineering
KIAI 2017.12.06

KIAI Workshop with AI Pioneers
Invited seminar of the world’s leading experts in artificial intelligence
KIHST 2018.01.04

Invited Seminar on DNA Nanostructures from Design to Application
Prof.Wooli Bae at Imperial College London
KIB 2018.01.16

Sydney Brenner Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Sang Yup Lee from the Dept. of Biochemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore
KIAI 2018.01.29 ~ 2018.01.30

Joint Workshop on AI Flagship Project and AI & Brain Science Project
Presentations of researchers conducted by NAIST, OIST, and Tamagawa Univ. from Japan

KIB 2018.01.30

Structural Insight into the Molecular Mechanism of PET Degradation aired on YTN
Prof. Sang Yup Lee
KIB 2018.02.06

College of Engineering Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series
Prof. Sang Yup Lee from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
KIHST 2018.02.26

Invited Seminar on Foveated Decomposition for Multi-layered Accomodative Displays
Prof. Hyeonseung Yu at Max Planck Institute for Informatics