KIAI 2019.03.08
Christian Diekmann(Head of R&D Korea, Mercedes-Benz), Seungyong Lee(Research manager at R&D Korea, Mercedes-Benz)
To learn about outstanding research achievements and discuss research collaboration
KIB 2019.03.14
Prof. Dr. Ofyar Tamim(President of ITERA, Indonesia)
To learn about outstanding research achievements
KIR 2019.03.19
Prof. Matthias Rehm(Aalborg Univ.)
To discuss research collaboration
KIHST 2019.04.02
Delegates of KAIST-THE Innovation & Impact Summit
To learn about outstanding research achievements
CO2 2019.04.05
CEO of RPDC(Research Product Development Company)
To discuss potential research collaboration
KIITC 2019.04.17
Dr. Jongmin Lee(Director, SKT ICT Center)
To discuss research progress and cooperation

KINC 2019.04.18
Delegates from vivo Company
To discuss possible research cooperation
KIAI 2019.04.26
Prof. Alexander Tuzikov(General Director, United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
To learn about outstanding research achievements and discuss research collaboration
KIKIITCKIR 2019.05.23
Il Pyeong Park(CTO, LG Electronics)
To discuss research progress and cooperation
KIAI 2019.05.30
Korean Army Future Innovation Research Center trainees
To learn about outstanding research achievements
KIITCKIAI 2019.07.05
Dr. Arif Al Hammadi(Executive Vice President, Khalifa Univ.)
To learn about outstanding research achievements
KIITC 2019.07.12
Dr. Seung-Chan Bang(Director of Research Institute of Broadcasting and Communication, ETRI)
KIR 2019.07.22
Dr. Sungjoon Choi(Disney research)
To discuss research collaboration
KIB 2019.07.30
KIURI Business Planning Team(Ministry of Science and Technology)
To discuss research collaboration
KIHST 2019.08.01~31
Prof. Deokju Lee(Catholic Univ.)
To participate in Neuroimage Research
KI 2019.08.08
A Delegation from Economic Analysis Coordination Division(National Assembly Budget Office, Korea)
To learn about outstanding research achievements of KAIST Institute
KIB 2019.08.09
Prof. Je-Hyun Yoon(Medical Univ. of South Carolina)
To discuss research collaboration
CO2 2019.08.19
Delegates from KFUPM(King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum and Minerals)
To learn about outstanding research achievements
CO2 2019.08.19~23
Rafiqul Gani from PSE for SPEED
To consult for development of a computer-aided techno-economic and lifecycle analysis and design tool for industrial CCUS process with KAIST students
KIHST 2019.08.22~23
Researchers from Khalifa Univ.
To discuss research collaboration


CO2 2019.03.18
Prof. Myung Eun Seo awarded Distinguished Lectureship Award
in recognition of his work on polymers at the CSJ Asian International Symposium during 99th Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan
KIB 2019.03.19
Prof. Sang Yup Lee received The NAEK Award
at The National Academy of Engineering of Korea

CO2 2019.03.29
Prof. H.K. Lee received Minister’s Commendation, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
on the occasion of the 22nd Civil Engineer’s day

CO2 2019.04.21
Prof. Doh Chang Lee received Minister’s Commendation, Ministry of Science and ICT
KIAI 2019.04.23
Prof. Daesoo Kim selected to receive 2018 award for KAIST Top 10 Research Achievements
KIITC 2019.04.30
Prof. Songcheol Hong received Qualcomm Faculty Award 2019 with a gift fund to KI
CO2 2019.05.16
Prof. Nam-Il Kim received KOSCO Symposium Excellent Paper Presentation Award in Combustion Engineering
for the paper “Effects of Cavity configuration on flame propagation in a Narrow-Gap-Disk-Burner(NGDB)”
KIAI 2019.05.18
Prof. Hyun Myung awarded Best Paper Award, ICROS(Institute for Control, Robotics, and Systems) Annual Conference
KIR 2019.05.24
Prof. Ayoung Kim awarded Best Paper Award, ICRA 2019 workshop on underwater robotics perception

CO2 2019.07.03
Prof. WooChul Jung received a Commendation from the Ministry of Science and ICT
at Nano Korea 2019

KIR 2019.07.12
Team of Prof. Hyunchul Shim won 1st Place, IITP AI Grand Challenge 2019

KIRKIAI 2019.08.02
Team of Prof. Hyun Myung won 1st Place, 2019 Hitachi-LG Short-range LiDAR Applications Challenge
KIR 2019.08.31
Prof. Dong-Soo Kwon awarded Honorary Academic Award, 2019 workshop on Haptics with xR


KINC 2019.03.25
Presentation of the 9th KINC Fusion Research Award
An award for professors who created distinguished fusion research achievements and Interdisciplinary research environment

KIAI 2019.03.26
Invited Seminar
Cardiac Optical Coherence Tomography: 20 years-From Bench to Plaque Erosion(Prof.Ik-Kyung Jang, Harvard Medical School)

KINC 2019.03.27
The 1st Graphene Composite Meeting
To discuss recent trends of Graphene Composite
KIITC 2019.04.15
Special Invited Seminar
Muon Tomography and other topics of interest(Dr. Crispin Williams, CERN)

FIRIC 2019.05.10
Tech & Talk Concert
The newest tech trends in the 4th industrial wave(co-hosting with Viewreau Ltd.)
KIITC 2019.05.23
Opening Ceremony of IITP Supported Center: Millimeter-wave Radar-Communication Center
KIAI 2019.06.26
Completion of Research Support Agreement between KAIST and Massachusetts General Hospital

KINC 2019.07.02
Austria-Korea Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology
To find new opportunity in R&D collaboration on nanotechnology
KIAI 2019.07.12
Completion of MOU between KAIST and National Cancer Center
KIR 2019.08.08
2019 Telerobotics Laboratory and EasyEndo Association Workshop
KIHST 2019.08.08
Completion of MOU for Osong R&BD Hospital
To plan, establish, and operate in all fields related to Osong R&BD Convergence Research Hospital