KIR 2020.05.13
Congressman Jo Seounglae visited
to see demonstration of autonomous tram, delivery robot, autonomous cars
KINC 2020.05.21
Delegates from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. visited
to find new opportunity in R&D collaboration on nanotechnology
KIHST 2020.06.03
Delegates from Armed Forces Military Manpower School visited
to be introduced to Dr.M project and discuss future R&D cooperation on smart healthcare
KIHST 2020.06.12
Delegates from Seoul National University Bundang Hospital visited
to check the latest technology of health care at Dr.M showroom
KIHST 2020.08.11
Director Ji Yong Lee (New Tech Partnership Part), Head of Team Sung Hun Lee (E&M Center Wireless power Task) at LG Electronics Inc. visited
to discuss R&D cooperation on LGE’s Puricare Mask for COVID-19 response


KIB 2020.07.06
Prof. Hyotcherl Lhee received Han Man-Jung Academic Award
by Korean Chemical Society at 125th KCS General Meeting
KIB 2020.07.09
Prof. Won-Il Jeong received 1st Healthy Laboratory Minister’s Prize
In recognition of his contribution to healthy laboratory (Ministry of Science and ICT & NRF)
CMC 2020.07.16
Prof. Jay H. Lee received IFAC Outstanding Service Award, 2020
KIR 2020.08.18
Prof. Kuk-Jin Yoon won KCCV Sank-Uk Lee Prize by Korean Computer Vision Society (KCVS)
KIITC 2020.08.25
Prof. Ho-jong Chang received a Excellence Award by KOREA SOCIETY OF INDUSTRIAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS
for the paper “Implementation of reservation-based multi-channel TDMA MAC protocol using LoRa PHY for industrial monitoring”


KIAI 2020.03.01
Prof. Euijong Whang appointed as Kwon Oh-Hyun Assistant Professor
KINC 2020.04.02
MOU between KAIST and NeoSTG was signed
to seek ways to cooperate in the fields of 3D nano patterning technology
KINC 2020.05.19
10th KINC Fusion Research Award was presented
for professors & researchers who created distinguished fusion research achievements and Interdisciplinary research environment [Winner] Prof. Bum Joon Kim & Convergence Research Team (Ju-Hyuk Lee, Yearin Byun, Prof. Sang Ouk Kim and Prof. Hee-Tak Kim) for the paper “High-Energy Efficiency Membraneless Flowless Zn–Br Battery: Utilizing the Electrochemical–Chemical Growth of Polybromides, Advanced Materials”
KPC4IR 2020.06.24
2nd GSI International forum was held
to envision the challenges for educational innovation in the post-COVID-19 era
KIITC 2020.06.25
AR/VR Specialized Graduate School Admission was held online
for graduate students specialized in virtual/augmented reality (AR/VR) joint by KAIST, Sogang University, and KEA
KIHST 2020.07.15
KAIST-KU Online Workshop was held
between KIHST and UAE Kalifa Univ. on Smart Healthcare Project
CMC 2020.07.16
Prof. Jay H. Lee hosted a keynote speech at IFAC 2020 World Congress
on July 16 under the theme of “Reinforcement Learning for Process Control and Beyond”
KIITC 2020.07.20
Local XR Content Industry Fostering Agreement between KAIST-Daejeon Metropolitan City-DICIA was signed
to establish and operate an XR (Extended Reality) industry-academic cooperation office, foster professional manpower through operation of the CT-AR program, and jointly discover demand-oriented projects in the local extended reality (XR) content industry
KIITC 2020.08.12
MOU Ceremony of LG Electronics-KRISS-KAIST was held
for 6G mobile communication joint research