KIHST 2021.03.03
Dr.M testbed&Showroom
Seoul National Univ. Prof. Yun-Chul Hong, National University Hospital Association, Dong-Ik Hwang, yeosijae, and Myungho Lee visited
KINC 2021.04.06
Delegates from Hyosung Inc. visited
to find new opportunities in R&D collaboration on advanced material technology
KINC 2021.04.07
Delegates from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. visited
to find new opportunities in R&D collaboration on nanotechnology.
KIITC 2021.06.24
Interview with KBS, TJB, Lexpress and Arirang TV
about the 6th generation of mobile communication source technology development
KIHST 2021.07.05
Dr.M testbed&Showroom
KT AI2XL Senior Vice President Soonmin Bae visited.
KIB 2021.07.20
CEO Jong Yoon Chun (Seegene) visited
to discuss future R&D cooperation on biotechnology


KIB 2021.04.26
Prof. Sang Yup Lee received the Charles D. Scott Award
from SIBM, USA for the first time in Asia
KINC 2021.04.26
11th KINC Fusion Research Award was presented
to professors and researchers who created distinguished fusion research achievements and an Interdisciplinary research environment
[Winner] Prof. Inkyu Park & the Convergence Research Team (Gayea Hyun, Jun Tae Song, Prof.

Seokwoo Jeon and Prof. Jihun Oh)
for the paper “Hierarchically Porous Au Nanostructures with Interconnected Channels for Efficient Mass Transport in Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction, PNAS”
KIAI 2021.05.19
Prof. Hyun Myung received the AFCV (Asian Federation of Computer Vision) Best Paper Award,
KRoC 2021 (Korea Robotics Conference), Phoenix, Pyungchang, May 19-22, 2021.
KIB 2021.05.25
Prof. Byung-Kwan Cho received the ‘International Collaborative Research Award’
from KAIST 2021 Research Day
KIAI 2021.06.07
Professor Sang Wan Lee from the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering was selected as the recipient of the 2021 IBM Global University Program Academic Award.
The award recognizes individual faculty members whose emerging science and technology attract significant interest for universities and IBM. IBM provides a gift of $40,000 to the recipient’s institution in recognition of the selection of the project.
KIR 2021.06.16
Prof. Kuk-Jin Yoon won the CVPRW 2021 DSEC competition
for their estimate of the dense disparity from stereo event cameras and stereo global shutter cameras in the event camera frame.
KIR 2021.06.21
Prof. Dong-Soo Kwon won the “Distinguished Poster Award”
at the International Digestive Endoscopy Network (IDEN) event.
KIB 2021.06.27
Prof. Won-Il Jeong was selected as the lead researcher in the division of medical science
by the Minister of Science and Technology in 2021
KIB 2021.08.18
Prof. Sang Yup Lee received an Innovation Award
from the Pony Chung Foundation for developments in System Metabolic Engineering
KIHST 2021.08.28
Prof. Taeyun Ku was selected as SUHF Fellow
by the Suh Kyungbae Foundation to support young investigators pioneering in unexploited life science fields.


KPC4IR 2021.04.15
Prof. So Young Kim and Dr. Kibae Kim were elected as the Co-Chairs of the South Korea Working Group
of the Global Standards Mapping Initiative 2.0.
KIB 2021.05.06
Prof. Sang Yup Lee was elected as Foreign Member of the Royal Society, UK
currently the only person in the world that is a foreign member of NAS, NAE, and the Royal Society
CMC 2021.05.21
Prof. Jay H. Lee hosted an invited key talk at module2 in the Chemical & Biological Enginnering System of IFAC Workshop Series on Control Systems and Data Science Towards Industry 4.0, Hong Kong
under the topic of “Reinforcement Learning vs MPC-Alternative or Complementary”
KPC4IR 2021.06.10
KPC4IR, DISTEP(Daejeon Institute of Science & Technology for Enterprise & People) sign MoU
to research Bio industrial transition in Deajeon.
KIITC 2021.06.15
Prof. Ho-jong Chang, Demonstration of ‘Intelligent Active Disinfection System’
hosted the Mayor of Daejeon and the president of KAIST
KPC4IR 2021.06.30
Prof. So Young Kim was elected as a Vice-Chair of the Task Force
for the Global Implementation of Travel Rule Solutions.
KINC 2021.07.02
The 1st Green Hydrogen Technology Symposium was held
to discuss the direction of R&D research in the future low-carbon energy era.
KIB 2021.07.29
Prof. Byung-Ha Oh was appointed as the Chung Moonsoul Mirae Chair Professor
KPC4IR 2021.08.15
KPC4IR cohosted the 2021 KDD Workshop with IPUR, NUS on ‘Understanding Public Perceptions for Applied Data Science:
Is there a need to engage society in AI development?’.
KPC4IR 2021.09.16
Dr. Kibae Kim participated as a panelist in the United Nations General Assembly Blockchain Central hosted
by the Global Blockchain Business Council.