KIHST 2018.10.02
Hyun Joon Cho, Chairman of Hyosung Group
Checked the latest technology of health care at Dr.M showroom
KIB 2018.10.11
Dr. Hang Gyeong Chin (Research Scientist II, Genome Biology Division of NEB)
Discussed on NEB Research behind Restriction Enzyme
KIITC 2018.10.12
Prof. Sheila Warren (WEF, World Economy Forum)
Discussed research cooperation issues and had a lab tour
CO2 2018.10.12
Delegates: Saudi Aramco CTO and Directors
Joined Steering Committee Meeting for next phase and MRC extension and Meeting with KAIST President and Researchers
CO2 2018.10.12
Delegates: Hanwha Power Systems, KEPCO, and Doosan Heavy Industries Representatives
Discussed about a potential consortium of companies in Korea and Saudi Aramco
KIAI 2018.11.08
Axel Bender (Program Leader Combined Arms Fighting Systems Integration, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia), MAJ Simon Hawkins (Office of the Australian Defence Attaché at the Australia’s Embassy in Seoul) Lab Tour
Introduced research achievements of KIAI
KIB 2018.11.19
Prof. Kwon-Sik Park (University of Virginia School of Medicine)
Discussed research collaboration

KIAI 2018.11.23
Japanese EMC experts Lab Tour
Introduced research achievements of KIAI
KIITC 2018.12.10
Dr. Haeng Jin Jang (KISTI, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)
Discussed research cooperation issues and had a lab tour
KIR 2019.01.10
Yong-Woon Park, Head of the Institute for Advanced Engineering, ADD
Gave an Overview of Autonomous Technology for Military Systems (Focused on Unmanned and AI Technology

KIAI 2019.02.19
Army Future Innovation Research Center trainees Lab Tour
Introduced research achievements of KIAI
KIITC 2019.02.27
Director from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology(SAIT)
Discussed research progress and cooperation issues


KIAI 2018.09.13
Prof. Euijong Whang received the Google AI Focused Research Award

KIB 2018.10.22
Prof. Sang Yup Lee received Eni Award 2018 (Advanced Environmental Solutions)
at Palazzo del Quirinale, President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, Rome, Italy
KIB 2018.10.29
Prof. Sang Yup Lee received 2018 P.V. Danckwerts Memorial Lectureship
at 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting, Pittsburg, USA
KIAI 2018.11.03
Prof. Youn-Kyung Lim, received 2018 Best Paper Award from KSDS Archives of Design Research
KIB 2018.11.27
Prof. Sang Yup Lee received 2018 Highly Cited Researcher
at Clarivate (previously Thomson-Reuters ISI), USA

KIR 2018.12.19
Prof. Dong-Soo Kwon received 2018 Korea Robotics President Award Certification
KIAI 2018.12.26
Prof. Youn-Kyung Lim, received 2018 Technology Innovation Awards of College of Engineering from KAIST College of Engineering
CO2 2018.12.26
Prof. Haeng-Ki Lee received KAIST Technology Innovation Award
KIAI 2019.02.19
Prof. Sang Wan Lee received the College of Engineering’s Songam Distinguished Research Award
for his contribution to the development of KAIST and College of Engineering with outstanding research achievements


KIAI 2018.09.05
Medical/Chinese Medical and AI Convergence Workshop
Discussed on joint workshop and research cooperation between Taiwan China Medical University (Medical/Chinese medical) and KAIST (Artificial Intelligence field)
KIITC 2018.09.07
Special Invited Seminar
New trends of Particle Therapy (Kyung Don Choi, Ph. D. Candidate, Univ. of Pavia)
FIRIC 2018.10.04~11.01(every Thursday)
KAIST Block Chain Colloquium
Shared examples of people working in the blockchain field

KIAI 2018.10.14~16
18th China-Japan-Korea Joint Workshop on Neurobiology and Neuroinformatics
Presented the latest research trends and outstanding research achievements in Korea, China, and Japan on Deep Learning with Brain Internal States

KIHST 2018.10.22
KAIST-KU Joint Symposium
Co-organized international multidisciplinary symposium on biophotonics imaging technology with Kumamoto University, Japan
KIB 2018.10.24
Confocal & SIM/STORM Demonstration & Hands-on
KIHST 2018.10.26
Prof. Bum Seok Jeong gave a lecture at 2018 Korean Society of Biological Psychiatry Workshop
on “Prediction of clinical status using computational approaches”

KINC 2018.11.04~08
14th Korea-China Bilateral Symposium on Polymer Materials: Fundamental and Applications of Functional Polymers
Shared the latest research results, to exchange ideas and to boost the cooperative relations among chemical engineers and polymer scientists of two countries
KIITC 2018.11.07~21(every Wednesday)
ARRC Colloquium
38th “Inter-Korean Exchange Cooperation”, 39th “The Future of Mobility Industry”, 40th “The Policy and Future Plan of Smartcity”

KINC 2018.11.16
KAIST International Workshop on Lithium Metal Batteries
Held invited seminar for the world’s leading experts in lithium metal batteries

KIB 2018.11.22~25
1st Asian Synthetic Biology Association
Discussed on recent trends of Synthetic Biology

KI 2019.11.27
Presented awards for professors and researchers who created distinguished fusion research achievements and contributed to the development of the KAIST Institute
KIR KIAI 2019.01.07
Prof. Hyun Myung’s localization and mapping technology for autonomous mobile robot is introduced in ET News
CO2 2019.01.21
Prof. Hyunjoo Lee elected for Next Generation Hallimwon Member

KIITC 2019.01.28
Opening and MOU Ceremony of “LG Electronics-KAIST 6G Research Center”