KI4AI 2019.09.25
Delegates from National Natural Science Foundation of China visited
To discuss the promotion of Korea-China science and technology exchange and cooperation
KI4AI 2019.09.25
Greg Tsutaoka (Founder & CEO), Tiara Womack (Founder & Executive Business Development) at ipvive, Inc. visited
To learn about outstanding research achievements and discuss research collaboration
KIB 2019.10.02
Delegates from Transforma Uruguay visited
To learn about outstanding research achievements
CMC 2019.10.14
Prof. Eduardo Camacho from University of Seville visited
As seminar speaker; Cooperative MPC, applications to renewable energy systems
Consulting session for gradusate students in the process engineering area
KINCKIHST 2019.10.16
Delegates from Hyosung Company visited
To discuss possible research cooperation and learn about outstanding research achievements
CMC 2019.10.19

Prof. Francis J. Doyle from Harvard university visited
As seminar speaker; Controlling Biological Time
Process modeling, analysis, and control
KIR 2019.10.25
Prof. Nak Young Chong (JAIST, Japan) visited as seminar speaker; Culturally Competent Elderly Care Robots in a Smart ICT Environment
KI4AI 2019.11.14
Research Managers from US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) / Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) visited
To describe Project AFRL/NRL, to learn about KAIST and to discuss future cooperation plans
KIITCKIHST 2019.11.26
Miroslava Duma, CEO of Future Tech Lab. visited
To discuss research progress and cooperation issues and learn about outstanding research achievements
KIR 2019.12.05
Prof. Eric Feron (Georgia Tech, USA) visited
“20 Years of Aerobatic Flight with Autonomous Air Vehicles”
KIB 2020.02.04
Delegates from Ministry of Economy and Finance (Koo Yun-cheol, 2nd Vice Minister) visited
To learn about outstanding research achievements
KINC 2020.02.19
To discuss possible research and educational cooperation between Korea and Vietnam
KIHST 2020.02.20
Delegates from Ministry of Science and ICT (Seokyoung Jang, 2nd Vice Minister) visited
To check the latest technology of health care at Dr.M showroom


CMC 2019.10.04
Prof. H.K. Lee received 100 Achivements of National R&D in 2019
In recognition of his work on the development of construction materials integrating nano and bio technologies (Ministry of Science and ICT)
KIB 2019.10.28
Prof. Sang Yup Lee received 2019 SAMSON Prime Minister’s Prize
For his Innovation in Alternative Fuels and Smart Mobility, Tel Aviv, Israel
KI4AI 2019.10.29
Prof. Sung Yong Kim received the Excellence Award of Oceans and Fisheries Science and Technology Grand Award, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
KIRKI4AI 2019.11.06
Research Team of Prof. Hyun Myung (Mr. Kwang-yik Jung, Ms. Ye Eun Kim, Mr. Hyun Jun Lim) received the Gold Prize at 2019 KAIST Invention Award
CMC 2019.12.04
Prof. H.K. Lee awarded Academic Achievement Award
In recognition of his contributions in the field of composite materials (Korean Society for Composite Materials)
KIR 2019.12.06
Prof. Ayoung Kim received Young Researcher Award by Korean Robotics Society
KIB 2019.12.17
Prof. Won Il Jeong awarded The Next Generation Scientist Award in Physiology
At 2019 S-Oil Science Prodigy and Culture Foundation & the Korean Academy of Science and Technology
Prof. Sun Chang Kim won Meritorious Prize (Governmental Prize) from 2019 National Assessment of R&D Accomplishments
For his contributions to national biotechnology and industry
KIRKI4AI 2019.12.31
Prof. Hyun Myung received IJCAS (International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems) Academic Activity Award
KIITC 2020.02.13
Prof. Ho-jong Chang received a Best Paper Award at the International Symposium on Innovation in Information Technology & Application 2020
For the paper “A Study of Single Photon Counting System for Quantitative Analysis of luminescence”


KIHST 2019.09.06
The 2nd International Symposium on Therapeutic Bioengineering was held
To promote outstanding research results of therapeutic bioengineering
KIR 2019.09.19
Prof. Hyun Myung served as General Chair, 2019 International Conference on Advances in Robotics Research (ICARR19), Jeju, Korea

KIB 2019.09.24
Symposium on ‘Neural Mechanism of Innate and Learned Behavior’ was held
To find new opportunity in R&D collaboration on neuroscience
CMC 2019.10.28
The 2019 Carbon Management Technology Workshop was held
at the Gulf Hotel, Bahrain, in collaboration with Saudi Aramco

KI4AI 2019.10.30
KAIST-Harvard Joint Workshop on Neuroscience-inspired AI was held
For neuroscience-based artificial intelligence technology co-hosted by Harvard Medical School and KAIST
KIHST 2019.10.31~11.01
KIHST participated in 2019 Open KAIST
To introduce health care technology of KAIST to public by holding tour of Dr. M showroom
KIR 2019.11.01
Prof. Hyun Myung served as Honorary General Chair, International Conference RiTA (Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications) 2019, KAIST, Daejeon
KIR 2019.11.01
Prof. Han-Lim Choi served as Program Chair, International Conference RiTA (Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications) 2019, KAIST, Daejeon
CMC 2019.11.07

Chemical Science Meets AI Workshop was held
To publish the latest convergence research exchange between chemical science and AI
KI4AI 2019.11.20
KAIST-NCC AI Cancer Cooperation Study Workshop was held
To discuss cooperation and presentation of research results between KAIST and the National Cancer Center in the field on AI cancer
KI4AI 2019.11.29
Qualcomm-KAIST Innovation Awards 2019 Evaluation Workshop was held
To evaluate graduate student paper competition and undergraduates software development Hackathon
KPC4IR 2019.12.10
KAIST-WEF established Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (KPC4IR)
To seek out national and international strategies and policies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
KIHST 2019.12.27
2019 Last Wednesday Forum of Medical Imaging and Applications Workshop was held
To understand various medical imaging fields and to derive direction on future colloborative technology through joint research
KINC 2020.02.04
Special Invited Seminar from Won Jun Shim, KIOST was held
To outline recent research trends on microplastics, associated with environmental pollution