KIR 2020.09.01
Dongwhan Min from Uber visited as an invited speaker
KIAI 2020.09.23
Director of Science, ICT and Future HR Policy Bureau at Ministry of Science and ICT visited
to introduce research achievements of KIAI
KIB 2020.11.03
CEO Jung-Jin Seo from Celltrion visited
to discuss future R&D cooperation on biotechnology
KIR 2020.12.01
Jinhan Lee from NAVER LABS visited as an invited speaker
KIAI 2020.12.08
Chairman of Science, ICT, Broadcasting, and Communications Committee at the National Assembly visited
to introduce research achievements of KIAI


KIR 2021.01.01
Prof. ‪Han-Lim Choi‬ was elected as Associate Fellow of AIAA
KIB 2020.01.13
Prof. Jin Woo Kim received ‘The Mystery of Life Award 2021’
awarded by Seoul Archdiocesan Committee for Life
KIR 2021.02.03
Prof. ‪Kuk-Jin Yoon won best paper award at IPIU 2021
CMC 2021.02.18
Prof. Shin Byung-ha received KAIST Person of the Year, 2020
for developing a technology to stabilize and increase efficiency of large bandgap organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite material
KIAI 2020.10.22
Prof. Hyun Uk Kim received New Academic Research Award for young researchers
for outstanding research achievements from Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering
KIB 2020.11.19
Prof. Sang Yup Lee was named to Clarivate’s Highly Cited Researchers 2020 list
for fourth year in a row
KIB 2020.11.20
Prof. Hyotcherl Ihee received Shim-Gye Science Award
from the Korean Synchrotron Radiation Users Association (KOSUA)
KIAI 2020.12.04
Prof. Hyun Myung received the KRI (KROS Robotics Innovation) 2020 Award
in recognition of his contribution to the development of robot technology from the Korean Robotics Association
KIHST 2020.12.15
Prof. Taeyun Ku was selected as a POSCO Science Fellowship
which is a POSCO TJ Park Foundation support project to cultivate Korean basic science and technology talent
KIAI 2020.12.18
Prof. Jay H. Lee received IEEE Service Award
in recognition of his leadership and service as Program Co-Chair of the 59th Conference on Decision and Control
KIR 2020.12.24
Prof. ‪Kuk-Jin Yoon received a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT
KIITC 2020.12.30
Prof. Ho-jong Chang received a commendation from the Mayor of Daejeon
for his contribution to public property
CMC 2020.12.31
Prof. H.K. Lee received an Academic Achievement Award, 2020
from the Korea Society for Civil Engineers


CMC 2021.01.27
Prof. Jay H. Lee hosted a key talk at the SDSC Distinguished Seminar, City University of Hong Kong
under the theme of “Promises of Machine Learning: From Material Discovery to Dynamic Resource Allocation”
KIB 2020.10.01
Prof. Sang Yup Lee was elected as founding editor-in-chief of Discover Chemical Engineering,
a new journal of Springer Nature
KINC 2020.10.23
Climate Change Experts Meeting was held
to discuss a new joint research project on Climate Change Research (Chairman of the Korean Environmental Sciences Society)
KIAI 2020.11.05
Next-generation AI: Towards Human-Level Intelligence Workshop was held
to explore broad topics on next-generation artificial intelligence with leading researchers from KAIST, the University of Oxford, and DeepMind
KINC 2020.11.25
Declaration of Vision for Advanced Nano Convergence City & T+2B Biz Forum was held
to support regional Nano-Convergence Businesses between KINC, NNFC, NTRA and DAEJEON METROPOLITAN CITY
KIITC 2020.12.03
Prof. Woontack Woo hosted a keynote speech at the 2nd International Symposium on Digital Heritage
under the theme of “Potential for the utilization of VR and AR in integration of digital twin”
CMC 2020.12.09
Prof. Doh Chang Lee elected as a Young KAST member
KPC4IR 2020.12.09
KPC4IR participated in GIGF 2020 – 2nd Global Innovative Growth Forum as a cooperation organization
hosted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance & the World Bank
KPC4IR 2020.12.15
The book “The Return of the Future – COVID-19 and the Transformation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” was published
KIHST 2020.12.23
The International Symposium on quantitative phase imaging was held
on the field of quantitative phase imaging with the Dept. of Physics, KAIST and Tomocube Inc.