KPC4IR 2022.09.06
The Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation (EFI) is a scientific council that advises the German federal government on matters of research and innovation visited KPC4IR.
KIR 2022.09.15
Invited Talk and Laboratory Tour: Prof. Paul Yun (EI Camino College, USA)
– NASA Moon and Mars Missions
KPC4IR 2022.09.28
African Development Bank (AfDB) visited KPC4IR and signed MOU
KPC4IR 2022.10.25
National University of Singapore Industrial Systems Engineering and Management visited KPC4IR and had a seminar with KAIST ILP
KIITC 2022.10.26
Cho Seung-rae, a member of the National Assembly, attended the Daejeon City-Daedeok Innopolis Innovative Entrepreneur Meeting and Business Exchange Meeting
KIB 2022.10.29-31
Prof. Tobias Meyer (Weill Cornell Medicine) & Prof. Mary Teruel (Weill Cornell Medical College) visited
for a seminar lecture on Cell Biology and Synthetic Cell Biology hosted by Prof. Won Do Heo
KIITC 2022.10.31
Agreement ceremony between Samsung and PIM semiconductor design research and manpower training
KIB 2022.11.22-23
Medical College of Wisconsin Prof. Sang H. Lee visited
for a seminar lecture on Pharmacology and Toxicology hosted by Prof. Won Do Heo
KINC 2023.01.20
Invited Talk: Dr. Martin Pumera (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague)
– Micro and Nanorobots for Biomedicine and Environmental Remediation
CMC 2023.02.15
The Former KAIST President, Prof. Nam-Pyo Suh, visited
Saudi Aramco-KAIST CO2 Management Center
KIR 2023.02.20-21
Educational Program for Unmanned Swarm CPS Research
– 150 participants from DTaQ (Defense Agency for Technology and Quality), Venue: EE, KAIST
KIR 2023.02.22
Invited Seminar and Laboratory Tour: Prof. Neil Bose (Memorial University, CANADA)
– Robotic Autonomous Underwater Technology for Oil Spill Reconnaissance and Delineation


KIRKIITC 2022.11.17
CES 2023 Awards
Prof. Myung, Hyun received CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023 Innovation Award, Robotics Field (with Hills Robotics)
Prof. Ho-jong Chang, Interactive Mirror Technology, a result of joint R&D collaboration with technology transfer company
EONEOMS, won CES 2023 Smart Home Best of Innovation awards
KIR 2022.10.25
AI One Team “People of the Year Award” 2022
– Prof. Myung, Hyun was awarded “People of the Year 2022” in AI One Team SUMMIT 2022, Sofitel Ambassador Seoul, Korea
CMC 2022.10.28
KIChE Sookmyung Outstanding Chemical Engineers Award
Prof. Jay H. Lee was awarded for outstanding academic achievements related to chemical engineering
KIHST 2022.11.14
Prof. Pilhan Kim, IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award, The Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea
KINC 2022.12.09
Prof. Hyunjoo Lee awarded for The 4th Next-Generational Scientist (IT) from S-OIL Science and Culture Foundation
KIITC 2022.12.13
Researcher Byung-hun Han received Commendation from Head of Yuseong-Gu
KIB 2022.12.16
Prof. Park, Minhee selected as POSCO TJ Park Science Fellow
KIITC 2022.12.21
Prof. Sungmin Kim received KI Convergence Research Award
Researcher Hyuntaek Oh received KI Outstanding Researcher Award
KIITC 2022.12.27
Prof. Ho-jong Chang received Commendation from Mayor of Deajeon
CMC 2023.01.13
Fellow of Korean Academy of Science and Technology
Prof. Jeong Young Park selected as Fellow of Korean Academy of Science and Technology
KIB 2023.01.26
Prof. Byungkwan Cho awarded “2022 Excellent Laboratory Certification for Safety Management” by the Ministry of Science and ICT
This certification is awarded to laboratories that have demonstrated excellent safety management practices and activities through expert evaluation
KIR 2023.02.06
Research Prize 2023, KAIST
– Prof. Myung, Hyun received “Research Prize” in commemoration of the 52nd anniversary of founding KAIST
KIR 2023.02.10
Prof. Kuk-Jin Yoon won the Gold award for outstanding work and best presentation prizes at IPIU 2023
(35th Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding)
CMC 2023.02.15
Outstanding Professor and International Cooperation Award
Prof. Tae-Hyun Bae was awarded for Outstanding Professor and International Cooperation Award at the Commemoration of 52nd anniversary of KAIST
KINC 2023.02.19
Prof. Hyunjoo Lee’s research achievement selected as KAIST’s top ten R&D Achievements of 2022
KIR 2023.02.20
The research team of Professor Kuk-Jin Yoon (Ph.D. candidate Hyeokjun Kweon and Sung-Hoon Yoon) won the Bronze award
at the 29th Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards in the Signal Processing category
KINC 2023.02.26
Prof. Seongjun Park is appointed as Ewon Professor


KIBKPC4IR 2022.09.16
Academic Research Achievements
Prof. Sang Yup Lee awarded the National Academy of Sciences for applied natural science
Prof. So Young Kim was elected as a member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology
KPC4IR 2022.09.22
KPC4IR hosted a KPC4IR regular seminar on “Reskilling, Upskilling, and Innovation in the Digital Age:
Perspectives from Singapore”
KIITC 2022.10.07
KI for IT Convergence established Research Center Exhibition Booth for visitors
KINC 2022.10.19-21
The 6th International Symposium on Directed Self-Assembly (DSA 2022) was held
KIB 2022.10.26-28
Prof. Won Do Heo served as program chair for the Samsung Global Research Symposium/Advanced Bioimaging:
New Discoveries in Life Sciences 2022
KPC4IR 2022.11.01
KPC4IR hosted a KPC4IR regular seminar on
“Psychological Evaluation and Digital Therapy in the Digital Age”
KIR 2022.11.09
Space robotics workshop was held
Discussion of the latest trends in space robotics technology by domestic and foreign researchers
KINC 2022.11.11
The research of Prof. Jiheong Kang’s group,
“Universal assembly of liquid metal particles enables elastic printed circuit board” was published on Science as a front cover
KIITC 2022.12.01
KIITC’s Demonstration for 6G beamforming technology was filmed by KTV National Broadcasting, “Policy on the spot”.
KIR 2022.12.22
Prof. Kuk-Jin Yoon and Han-Lim Choi participated in the publication of the book “AI, Meet the World.”
KIR 2023.01.01
Associate Editor of International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)
Prof. Han-Lim Choi and Hae-Won Park are appointed as Associate Editors of a Top robotics journal, IJRR
KIB 2023.01.04
Prof. Sang Yup Lee inaugurated as the 30th chairman of the Korean society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering
KIR 2023.02.02
Opening Ceremony of Heterogeneous Satellite constellation based ISR Research Center (HSRC)
A research center on heterogeneous satellite constellation (Director: Prof. Han-Lim Choi) funded by Defense Acquisition Program Administration (total budget 221M KRW) opened
CMC 2023.02.04-08
Aramco 2023 Board of Directors Filming
Aramco shot a film about active research cooperation with KAIST for 2023 Board of Directors meeting held in Korea in March 2023
KIR 2023.02.15-18
KRoC (Korea Robotics Society) 2023
Prof. Myung, Hyun has served as a general chair for KRoC 2023
KIITC 2023.02.21
Agreement for Daejeon Semiconductor Industry Fostering Business Support was signed between Daejeon Metropolitan City – KIITC – Land Information Corporation